Monday, April 5, 2010

Collective Haul Part 1 (Makeup part)

Bag full of Goodies :-)

These are just a few makeup products I bought a few weeks ago, but since I am in an APO address Mac cannot ship to this address if the product contains, to tell you truth I honestly don't know what product I could of bought that contained alcohol because on my previous puchases that I made at Mac it was pretty much the same products (different colors of course), but anways so I had to ship it to my inlaws house and then they shipped it to me. So I finally received my stuff today and I was so excited because I have been waiting for these for quite sometime now..anyways so these are my newest addition to my makeup collection...

Just an overview of everything together...

I was pretty excited for the Liberty of London collection when I saw it on, but when I saw it on the Mac website, for some reason nothing really stood out to me, the eyeshadows were not something I would wear, the lipsticks they looked like something I already had, beauty powders well I don't really use that, blushes, were not that pretty and nail polishes, well we as you know i am not a fan of Mac nail the only thing that stood out or I thought was pretty was Peachstock lipstick and the Free to be eyeshadow, now I will admit, i kind of want the Birds and Berries eyeshadow, but i doubt I will get it :-)
I wanted to get Everhip lipstick but I am not a fan of the cremesheen formula either, my Creme D' Nude melted for some apparent reason, it wasnt even exposed to heat or anything it was at room temperature

These are one of my favorites I love eyeshadows (neturals to be exact lol) so I had to scoop me up some that i have been dying to get my hands on: (left to right) Mulch, Shroom, Nylon, Retrospeck
Also got the beige-ing shadestick, naked liner, the 239 eye shader brush, and oh my god, my favorite well this is not a eyeshadow but I am in love with this blush (ombre) Azalea Blossom, they were sold out for a while online and I kept on checking back to see if they had it back in stock..when I saw that it was I quickly had to grab it and buy it, thank god I did because its Sold out again..and for good reason its if they would only have Ripe peach again..its still sold out and i missed out on it..ugh..

So, one of my favorite makeup gurus on youtube is Makeupbymel..I freaking love her videos I love her personality i just love the way she does her makeup so everyday netural which is what i like, well if your a fan of her videos you know that these are her favorite eyelasher the Ardell 105, she always talks about them so i had to try them out, I bought 3 just to check them out, they look pretty nice, but I can't say I like them or hate them right now since i havent tried them on...I'll let you girls know later

I really wanted some nailpolishes for times that I am able to wear nail polish like long weekends or when I go on vacation, and i fell in love with these two colors, when I think of Done out in Deco by OPI i immediatly thing of juicystar07 i know i've seen other youtube gurus wear it but for some reason she just pops into my head because she was the first one I saw wear this nailpolish and I loved it, so I had to have China Glaze For Aubrey i read that its suppost to be a dupe for Mac's Peppermint Patti and you pretty much can't find that nail polish anymore, I've tried no luck :-( so I settled with For Aubrey..and its a very pretty color, defenitly something I will be wearing something soon on my next long weekend :-)

I was most excited about this little baby right here, I am probably the last person to get this palette, and I am sure you girls know everything about this by now, its of course the limited edition Alice in Wonderland palette by Urban Decay...I love love love this palette, the colors are amazing so beautiful, i know they are basically same colors as previous palettes from UD and they just changed the name. I was going to buy the other available palettes since this was was pretty much impossible to find, btw I bought this one on ebay, but everywhere I went it was sold out. I ended up turning to ebay as my last resort so I decided to go ahead and purchase this one instead since it has same colors as other palettes and it was limited edition..i am so glad i bought it because it is absolutely gorgeous...I cant' wait to use this shadows...


  1. Great purchases!:D

    You just reminded me that I still have to get and try For Aubrey!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!