Thursday, April 1, 2010

Current favorite beauty products

So, I thought i would show you guys some of my favorite products that I have noticed i've been reaching for more often these past few months. I know the pictures are not great but I think they are fine, hopefully I can get a better camera later on after I am done saving up for my trip in December...but we shall see..anyways so most of them are Mac, of course I love Mac its my favorite brand, well one of my favorite. Hope you guys enjoy...

These are all the products i am loving at the moment....

OMG...I wanted to try this for the longest, and I finally got my hands on the NARS Laguna Bronzer and the Orgasam blush...I purchased this little baby at the PX (Post Exchange in Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany) It was at a lower price than what Sephora sells it for, so I just had to have it..and I love the Bronzer, the blush is okay, but Laguna Bronzer is the best...

I love concelears and these are three of my favorites, as you can see the Coastal Scents one is already hitting pan with the darkest color i use that one the most, the Benefits Boiing concelear I just recently started using again I had forgotten how much I liked the Studio Finish by Mac I love the coverage, but it dries up a lot around my eyes and i hate that...but I still love the coverage..

For eyes, I am loving the UDPP in the color Sin, I just have the mini size version of it that came in the Get Baked palette, For eyeliner I love the 24/7 UD liners in the color Zero and Bourbon, and Mascara of course the Lash Blast by Covergirl is the best, I won't lie I just recently fell back in love with it..I had also left it behind to try new ones then came back and rememberd why it was my favorite..its the best

For Primer, i love the Mac's Prep and Prime...I think I am running low on it, so until I can repurchase this one I will use the Smashbox primer, but defenitly i always prefer this one over the Smashbox one

Now, my favorite lipsticks..I wasnt a big lipstick type of girl, but I started to get into them and now i just love them, these are pretty much my go to lipsticks I love these all Mac except one it's from Gosh cosmetics, they are pretty much all nude colors except for the obvious one Viva Glam Gaga, and I love the Close for comfort lip conditioner from the Warm and Cozy collection (FYI- Blankety was my first Mac lipstick ever)
Left to right-Blankety, Viva glam II, Freckletone, Myth, Darling, Viva Glam Gaga..(FRONT) Close for Comfort lip conditioner

I recently just started using false eyelashes, they are okay, i just use them on the weekends sometimes, I bought a few from red cherry..and i have to say these red cherry #213 are my favorite they look so natural when you put them on, and as you can see i have use them a few times (3x to be exact) and now they are gone, i have to repurchase some of these again I love them.

For face I really love (lol i really love everything dont but I love my MSF in Medium Dark, it makes my face look so nice flawless and natural its just the best setting powder I have ever used, for blush I am loving the Mineralize blush in Rhapsody in two from the Too Fabulous can also work as a highligh..used with a light hand, I love it because it gives me such a nice glow to my face the perfect summer glow for contour my face I have been using the Sculp powder and I love really defines my face better its just perfect for me

Eyeshadows-I just recently got the Too Faced Natural eye palette and its amazing I think everybody should have that paletter it has amazing colors and just so natural, I really love Silk Teddy, Nude Beach, Heaven, Honey Pot and Cocoa Puff.
Of course to prime my eyes I love Painterly Paint pot i use that one every day for work and on the weekends sometimes, but for the most part I'll reach for my Rubenesque paint pot on the weekends, its so beautiful
I am currently using Espresso eyeshadow by Mac to fill in my eyebrows because girls filling in your eyebrows is a must I didn't realize that until the makupartis at mac did my makeup and she said it pretty much makes or breaks your whole look and it really does. So Espresso eyeshadow works best for me its not to dark just right...
And pigments, I love love love love chocolate brown its in the permanent line so make sure to pick it up if you haven't already, and Reflect antique gold its a glitter and it just adds a little extra something to your look its amazing i love it, now Vanilla pigment I use it for a highlight and its by far my favorite highlight I guess that one should not of been included on the eye section of this

Well, thats it for now...<3


  1. You have some nice favorites!

  2. thank you alexa-omg the pink blog!

  3. Ooh love the look of that blusher & bronzer duo - plus I need something like this so I can stop carrying so much make up round with me all the time!

  4. good day everyone!!!
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