Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Glamorus cosmetics haul/review

It's been a a few days now since my last post, I've just been super busy and after I get off work I just want to hit the sheets which I can't because I want to spend time with my two boys, anyways, a few weeks ago like about a month ago I orderd some stuff off of They were having a sale for their anniversary I believe were it included free shipping and buy 2 lipsticks and you would get another one free but you had to put in the comment box what color you wanted. It wasn't on all their items that the sale was on it was just on pigments, lipsticks and a few others I believe I can't really remember. I never really ordered before because I thought the shipping fee was too high but when I heard about the sale I took advantage. Well, I was not impressed at all with anything. Starting with the shipment, it took a while, and well that I can understand that because i am overseas but at the same time Mac usually ships my stuff in 2 weeks. So I didn't like the fact that it took forever to finally arrive, i also didn't like that it was all sent to me in an envelope, I didn't find it very convenient for the products I know it wasn't much that i orderd but the few things that I did oreder were pretty packed in the envelope. The free sample which I believe was an eyeshadow was all over the place, I opened the package and everything was covered in the eyeshadow which was a little dissapointing. Now, the products not at all what i was expecting, I don't want to make this long so I'll show you guys the pictures and explain what i don't like....

I do like the packaging on the lipsticks :-)

Like I said I do like the packaging of the lipsticks, but the lipstick itself, not a big fan of. The one on the left is Doll and the one on the right is Naked which is their best selling one. I don't like either one, Doll looks to shimmery to me and Naked is too light. I have not used them at all, just to try them out and that was it. Another thing I didn't like was that I forgot to put the color I wanted on the comment box so i didn't get my free lipstick for buying 2, but I would think they would of still just sent me one on whatever color they thought I would like based on my two choices..but of course not they didn't do that

Now the lip/eye primer (left), i thought it would be a little bigger, but it is very small, I have tried it for both my eyes and lips and I also don't like it, with the eyes it made my eyeshadow crease and the lips I just don't see a point to it, i rather just use my lip conditioner. The only thing I liked about this whole order was the pigment in Single, that i LOVE..I used it for my lid and as a highlight and its just a very pretty color I recommend that one :-)

Lip balm is okay, i won't lie the only reason why I got this lip balm was because on the site it looked more pink what I got was not blush I've only used twice, its in Bubblegum, and that I don't like or dislike, its a pretty color I just prefer to use my Azalea Blossom at the moment.

Overall in my opinion i don't recommend these products but thats just my opinion if you guys have them and love them that's fine. They just didn't work for me...

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