Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's in my shopping cart (Forever 21)

You can tell I am on a roll here, I am at work and its pretty slow right now..anyways so the following items are what is in my shopping cart at the moment still trying to go through this purchase thinking about it. I did say I needed to save up for my upcoming trip, but I really want these cute clothes...

Tiered Lace Knit Top

Sleeveless Ruffled Top

Silk Rose Hairclip

Framed Oval Ring

Flower Appliqué Chambray Top

Boyfriend Blazer


  1. love this list i am dying for that ring i saw dulcycandy with it and i am in love lol xoxo and i only seen the collections upto july if you know of any after july please let me know where to find them or see wat the themes are xoxox

  2. yes the ring is beautiful..I saw it on the website first then saw dulce's post and it looked amazing..i didnt think it was that big..but makes it cant check out the new collections on she doesnt have pictures up yet on the collections for later on but thats when I checked the website last week, im not sure if she put some on..

  3. oh okay yea i saw them there 2 but not for the fall i saw the summer collections till july for the fall starts in august still havent seen nothing yet i cant wait for the may summer collection i might just have 2 buy everything lol