Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dollhouse Rogeri Boots

Ok, so I know that on my last post I said that I wasn't going to shop anymore because I am trying to save up for my vacation time at the end of the year. But, you know when there is something that you really want you just have to have it right???? Well, I really want these military styled boots...oh ugh just listen to me, I REALLY WANT, haha I know I know, it sounds like I am being a brat, but I work hard waking up early every morning from M-F for work and deal with people...well that's beside the point, but anyways I think I deserve these of course I also think I deserve all the other things I have mentioned before. The baby's are worth it though because well for one they are shoes not make-up so they will last me longer than make-up, and two they are only 65 dollars. So really if i buy them, that would be the only thing and the last thing I will spend money on (besides the two Mac collections coming out in April and May). Because in all seriousness I really do need to save up for our vacation. We will see what happends if I get them I will defenitly blog about it. The only bad thing about this whole situation of buying the boots its that they don't deliver to APO addresses, ugh I hate that because then I just have to ship them to either my parents house in California or my in-laws in MD, and I hate doing the double waiting lol. Well anyways, so that's it for now unfortunately I guess I will now go and think about how great these boots would be for this years fall/winter, i dont care if they are not in style by then I will still wear them, c'mon let's be honest we all don't always follow trends. I'll leave you guys with these pictures of my lovely soon to be boots..

Retails at $64.95 (free two day shipping)

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