Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Love Kim Kardashians cute and casual yet sexy look

When I saw these pictures of the beautiful Kim Kardashian I automatically fell in love with her outfit. It is so casual and simple yet cute and the heels she has on make it look sexy. Of course pretty much anything Kim kardashian wears she makes it look amazing but this has to be one of my favorite outfits she has worn (in the casual catagory of course :-)...So when I saw this outfit I automatically thought of ways I could recreate this outfit with more afordable clothes and shoes, so I headed over to and started looking for things (which was not that hard) that looked like what she was wearing the shoes I didn't have to think twice about, I already knew which ones I could get instead of the Loubies she have on. And its some shoes i have been eyeing myself from for quite some time now.....and it took this outfit for me to finally decide to get them because lets be honest I cant afford some Christian here is what I came up with...this is my take on her outfit <3

I decided to change the blazer from the one she is wearing to this one I found on, with studs, I think it gives the outfit a little big of more attitude rather then just the plain blazer but either way would be pretty cute
Military Cross Studded Blazer

This cute V-neck shirt is from American Apparel, but you can pretty much just buy a v-neck shirt from any place that sales clothes really...I just choose this one because I liked it, sounds weird since all white V-necks look a like right...??? lol...but its true.
Unisex Organic Fine Jersey Short Sleeve V-Neck

These jeans are also from forever21, not really a big fan of distroyed jeans but these are pretty cute...
Dascha Torn Skinny Jean

These are the babies I have had my eye on for quite some time now...they are so beautiful...also from
Strappy Ankle Pumps

And just in case you don't like the shoes from above these could be an alternative they look more like the ones Kim K was wearing but they don't come in tan, I am sure that there are plenty of other shoes that can take the place of the Christian Louboutin she was wearing but if you can afford them then more power to you :-) these are also from
Tassel Lace Up Heels
They were $30.80 now they are $14.99


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