Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Viva Glam Gaga..Lipstick review

So, everybody by now knows about Viva Glam Gaga lipstick and I am sure all of you if not half already have it. I have 4 of them suckers, but I will be selling 2 ot the Gaga's, I mean no need for all four of them. Anyways, I don't know about you guys, I mean GIRLS, but I am in love with this lipstick. It quickly became my favorite pink lipstick that I own and I own quite a few. It looks like Saint Germain, but 100 times better. Glam Gaga is a lusture of course so when first applied it comes out a little sheer, but not to sheer where you can't notice the color, to get the true Lady Gaga experience as I like to refert to it you need to go over it a few times, depending on how much you want to the color to show. I personally want my lip color to be out there, I am currently in Germany right now so you know WHEN IN ROME!! I know Germany is not Rome, but you gals know what I am talking about. Another thing I love about this lippie is that it gives you a shine of course because of the formulation, I think MAC did a GREAT job when they thought of this lipstick and decided on the formulation for it, because it made it that much when I use it, which is pretty much every weekend, I can't during the week due to work, but when I apply my Glam Gaga I don't use a lipglass or anything besides the fact that I don't really like any type of lipgloss. In my opinion this Lipstick is a MUST for any Lady Gaga fan, pink lipstick lover or just EVERY GIRL...all time favorite lipstick hands down!!!

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