Friday, March 19, 2010

Galoe Pink Lacquer Review

So, this is a little bit old..well not really, I am talking about the MAC Pink Galore Nail lacquer from the Spring Colour 1 Forecast the one with all the pinks ( which by the way was one of my favorite ones). But, I have to say that.....ugh this little guy or girl since its pink..really dissapointed me. I was expecting something different, I mean c'mon it's Mac for but really I was dissapointed. Well, I was sort of expecting it not to be the best prouduct ever because I had heard bad reviews on Mac's nail polishes, but I wanted to see for it myself. The reason why I was dissapointed at this nail polish or lacquer whatever you want to call it, it's because for one when I received it, it was way smaller than what I thought it would be..that's my fault thought. The second reason was the color you see it's not the color you get on your nails, I had to go over it quite a few times to get to the pink I wanted to get and even after that it was still not quite appealing. It was not a color that would stand out, to me it looked a lot like a Wet & Wild pink nail polish I had a few years ago. So that's I was really dissapointed because really if I knew it was going to be like that I could of saved those $12.00 and buy something the Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom, but no I went with the lacquer instead. But, I'm glad I did because it showed me not to buy anymore nail polishes from Mac anymore. So with all that said, I painted my nails yesterday guess what...I don't have it anymore. I went to the PX (Post Exchage) today and bought some nail polish by Sally which is devine I love it, It's called Commander in Chic, it is so beautiful its like a grey color but not exactly I'll show you guys a picture down below....

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