Friday, March 26, 2010

From The Old line state to the Golden State


So, this blog will be a little different, but not really. Anyways, as some of you know I am in the U.S Army currently serving in Germany. So, what does that mean....IT MEANS I HAVE TO SAVE UP MONEY TO TRAVEL BACK TO THE STATES LOL!. No, but seriously tickets are expensive especially during the time frame that I am trying to go which is the holiday season. I am still debating though wheater I should go in September so my family can spend my little boy's 1st birthday with him or of course in the lovely month of December, I don't know about you guys but that's my favorite month it's a bitter sweet month. The holidays always bring families together but it also means its the end of the year and we start a new one and we only get older. Well anyways, so I am still debating when but leaning more towards December. It would be 3 people traveling overseas..and overseas tickets are always so expensive, so my husband and I have decided to start saving up for the tickets and to have money to spend while we are on vacation. Now, what does that mean..well...I won't be able to shop much now. I will have to cut back on my spending which is a good thing I guess. I checked on to see what are the upcoming MAC collections and two that I am interested in are the one for next month April Pret-a-Papier and the one in May (my birthday month) To the beach collection and that one looks like its going to be a big one. So those are the only two that I am interested in and I am also saving up for. Other than that I am fine, I am glad that sephora doesnt ship to APO address which is the only reason why it has stopped me from buying anything from them darn sephora. Well, till next time...<3

The Old Line State

Will be visiting good ol' Maryland, I have a love/hate relationship with this state..but I do like Annapolis and some of the malls in this state can't complain, but of course they don't compare to the ones in California of course I am going to say that I am from Cali..but this is my hubby's home state so but its a nice state.

The Silver State

I have been here once and let me tell you guys I loved it. I went with my hubby of course in the summer of 08 during his R & R from Iraq. We had so much fun together, I think its a very fun place to go but especially in the summer time, not keep in mind it is the desert so it get's pretty hot out there. We are hoping to go during our stay in Cali but who knows..we shall the way if you ever do go be sure to check out the famous Forum Shops..

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