Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Lovely Delights...

Oh, what I wouldn't give to get this beautiful bag, I am officially in love. It's a Balenciaga and retails at $1, 395.00 a little out of my budget at the moment. But, it is my love that I lust for evertime I have free time from working, I browse through the internet and I always end up in this website to lust over my beautiful handbag, that I am sure one day will be mine. I will sure blog about it IF I ever get that handbag, BIG emphasize on the IF. Soft vintage crafted lambskin...that's how the website describes it. And to me, the way they describe this piece of art is like they are trying to lure me into buying it. And I will give in someday soon, when I first, save up this amount of money to purchase it...hmm I wonder if I try to negotiate with my husband would he be willing to put in the rest of it. But I seriously doubt it, he will just look at me like I am crazy and tell me that I do not need that bag. But, in my eyes, I do need it..well more like I want it. But, we will see what happends..... :-)
~Samantha <3

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